Every entrepreneur has


What is yours?


Every entrepreneur has


What is yours?



Company Formations and Optimizations.
Since 2003.

Entrepreneurs shape Companies and thus create Changes for themselves and others.
We provide you with the appropriate legal tools for this:
Companies, Contracts, Structures, and Solutions.


What are your ideas and plans?

- Together we create the right framework -

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Attorney Sebastian Kruemmel

Director of KRUEMMEL Law GmbH

My mission: Successful companies are born from the ideas of people like you - entrepreneurs who set out to achieve their goals.

It has always been that way. Just as the fact that the right company or company structure not only protects you and your business but also supports it. How? By being tailored to your needs and goals.

As a lawyer, I work in commercial law, corporate law and tax law.

In the last 20 years I have personally accompanied well over 1000 company start-ups.

I think entrepreneurially - like you.

...this is how you can reach me:



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